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Hollywood Boy Burned During Passover Ritual
HOLLYWOOD - A mother trying to set fire to a piece of bread as part of a centuries-old Jewish ritual accidentally burned her 3-year-old son Friday afternoon, authorities said. Police say the boy suffered second-degree burns to 30 percent of his body. He was briefly hospitalized at Memorial Regional in Hollywood but was later transported to the Jackson Memorial Burn Center in Miami. He was in stable condition. The family was celebrating the pre-Passover ritual shortly before 3 p.m. in the yard of a home … The mom doused a piece of bread in rubbing alcohol after she tried to ignite it several times, said Hollywood Fire-Rescue spokesman Mark Steele. But a gust of wind blew through the yard as soon as the bread caught fire, fanning the flames toward a group of children nearby, Steele said. A spark landed on the toddler's clothes, setting him ablaze. "His mom tried her best to put it out with her own hands, but it took a while for the fire to die," Steele said. The woman also suffered severe burns and was treated at Memorial Regional.
Sun-Sentinel , April 19, 2008

Woman in her Eighties Dies in Jerusalem Fire
A woman in her eighties was killed Tuesday night in a fire that broke out in her Jerusalem apartment. Firefighters said that the blaze, in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, was caused by a lit hanukkia (Menorah) that fell over.
Jerusalem Post, December 11, 2007

Unattended Menorah Causes Fire In Ramat Gan Home
A Menorah which was left unattended on the first night of Chanukah caused a fire in a Ramat Gan apartment.
www.theyeshivaworld.com, Dec 5, 2007

Brooklyn Mom Mourns 7-month-old Son Killed in Fire
A seven-month-old boy sleeping in a crib was killed yesterday when a fire ripped through the top floor of his family's Brooklyn home... …Fire investigators believe the deadly blaze was sparked by a faulty timer that was rigged to an air conditioner in the baby's third-floor room, an FDNY source said. The _____ are Orthodox Jews, and since yesterday was part of the holiday of Succoth, religious beliefs prohibited them from touching any electrical equipment. Instead, they had set up a timer to run the air conditioner, the source said. The timer, purchased 10 days ago and connected to the air conditioner with an extension cord, was not meant to be used with such a powerful appliance and was quickly overloaded, the source said.
Daily News, October 5, 2007

Fire Consumes Jewish Community Center
Greenwood Lake – Congregation B'nai Torah Jewish Community Center off Old Dutch Hollow Road was consumed by fire last night, destroying the entire structure, including the sacred Torah and the Talmud. …workers were inside the center last night making repairs to an electric memorial board used for honoring those members of the temple and their family members who have died. There may have been some electrical sparks…
Times Herald-Record, February 24, 2004

Two Children Perish in Sefad Blaze While Father was Praying
"Tragedy struck a Sefad family early Monday morning when a fire swept through a Ganei Hadar neighborhood home while a young mother and four small children were trapped inside. Two children died as a result of the blaze while only the youngest victim, a three week-old baby, escaped with relatively light injuries...Police believe that the fire was started as a result of candles left lit while the family slept"
Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2007

Children Suffer Burns in Pre-Pesach Ceremony
Four children in Brooklyn suffered serious burns last week during biur chometz, the ceremony of burning chometz the day before Passover. Three of the accidents occurred in Boro Park and a forth in Williamsburg.
The Jewish Press, 4/13/2007

Summer Camp Fire
“...Fire ripped through a main building at a religious summer camp...the couple got their children. They and ____________ managed to escape to a second-story roof on the 3 1/2 story building. But there was no way to get down, and they were trapped as the building burned beneath them.”
Times Herald-Record, 6/22/2006

Shavuot Candle Fire
“…And her 5-month old daughter, _________, had died just 12 hours earlier in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in a fire started by candles for the religious holiday. Members of the community do not use electricity on the holiday of Shavuot…”
The Times-Herald Record, 6/10/2006

Lag B'omer Fire
“Many readers are going to be participating in Lag B’omer celebrations which have bonfires. Please watch your children AND yourselves. Yeshivaworld has just received word from our contact in Hatzolah Israel about a 21 year old Yeshiva Bochur in Bnei Brak who received 3rd degree burns to 70% OF HIS BODY. He is in SERIOUS condition.
Theyeshivaworld.com, 5/15/2006


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