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Seven Children Killed in Hot-Plate Fire
NEW YORK — An ultra-Orthodox Jewish community shattered by the deaths of seven siblings carried out their funerals Sunday, a day after a hot plate apparently sparked the fire that killed them. The tragedy had some neighborhood Jews reconsidering the practice of keeping hot plates on for the Sabbath, a modern method of obeying tradition prohibiting use of fire on the holy day. The bodies of the children from the Sassoon family, ages 5 to 16, were being sent to Jerusalem after the funeral for a prompt burial. “They were so pure,” Gabriel Sassoon said of his children in a eulogy he delivered through sobs at Shomrei Hadas funeral home. “My wife, she came out fighting.” Both his surviving wife and a daughter — Gayle Sassoon and 14-year-old Siporah — were in critical condition on respirators.
Washington Post March 22, 2015

Bnei Brak: Child Injured from Purim Fireworks
Purim began in Bnei Brak on motzei Shabbos accompanied with fireworks as has become the minhag among the young in Eretz Yisrael. Despite increased warnings from rabbonim, the fireworks are still used and in this case, a child sustained an eye injury on Chazon Ish Street.
Ichud Hatzalah responders treated the child and the scene and he was then transported to a local hospital. The condition of the child is not known at this time.
www.theyeshivaworld.com Feb 23, 2013

PLEASE USE CAUTION WITH MENORAH’S: Two Fires Destroy Homes In Lakewood & Monsey
The homes belonging to two Frum families were destroyed by fires Thursday night – one in Lakewood, and one in Monsey.

The Lakewood fire broke out around 6:30PM in a home on Glen Avenue. It took firefighters more than two hours to bring the fire under control. Unfortunately, the home was completely destroyed. Boruch Hashem, the family made it out in time, and no injuries were reported. The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but sources tell YWN that a Menorah may have caught onto window curtains.

In the Wesley Hills area of Monsey, a fire destroyed a home on Judith Lane. The fire department was called around 1:00AM (Friday morning), reporting the blaze.

Sources tell YWN that the owner of the home was awakened by a smoke alarm, and was able to make it out in time. He was transported to the hospital along with a firefighter, and were both being evaluated. Tragically, a Sefer Torah may have been destroyed in the home, which was completely destroyed.

The cause of the fire was under investigation, but sources tell YWN that a Menorah may have been the cause in this fire as well.

YWN urges our readership to please exercise extreme caution with your Menorahs over the remaining days of Chanukah.
Theyeshivaworld.com Dec 14, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Betar Illit
According to preliminary information, Ichud Hatzalah first responders are heading to an incident in Betar Illit. It appears that someone threw a quantity of gasoline into a Lag B’Omer bonfire and it got out of control.

According to preliminary unconfirmed but reliable information, at least ten people are injured with varying degrees of burns, some unfortunately serious or worse.
Theyeshivaworld.com 5/9/2012

Menorah Fire
A Lakewood family is lucky to be alive today after a Chanukah candle fire was extinguished before it could consume their home. About an hour after lighting the Chanukah Menorah, the homeowner walked into his study to find the table of the Menorahs engulfed in flames, which melted away much of the table. The Fire Department responded to the home, but the homeowner had already extinguished the fire prior to their arrival.
Theyeshivaworld.com Dec 25, 2011

Women Seriously Burned By Shabbos Candles
A 70-year-old woman was seriously burned on Friday night R”L, an incident involving Shabbos candles. The victim sustained burns over 75% of her body. She was treated by Paramedics from Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah, and transported to the Westchester Medical Center by chopper.
Theyeshivaworld.com Nov 13, 2011

Orthodox Tradition Carries Risk
A tradition of leaving the stove on during holidays in the Orthodox community is causing concern for some North Jersey fire officials who are trying to reach observant Jewish residents with a message about safety.

The issue came to the forefront this summer after 13 people in Teaneck were taken to the hospital to be treated for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities blame a defective stove that had been left on for two days during the holiday of Shavuot.

Teaneck officials are taking an aggressive stance to warn all residents about the dangers of carbon monoxide. A life-threatening buildup of the colorless and odorless gas can be caused by improperly installed furnaces, poorly ventilated generators or a car left running in the garage. But the township fire department and ambulance corps is targeting its current warning toward the Orthodox community and met with the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County to discuss safety concerns.

"With leaving the stove on, we certainly know that it puts the community at a greater danger," Teaneck Fire Chief Anthony Verley said. "We want them to understand there are some deadly implications to this."

Safety tips Authorities offer the following recommendations:

* All homes should have working carbon monoxide detectors. Authorities recommend homes have one on each level.

* Call the fire department if your carbon monoxide detector goes off. Rabbis advise that it is permissible to call on the Sabbath and holidays to avoid any risk to life.

* Homes should have a hood above the stove that is vented outside. A hood that is vented into the kitchen does not help reduce carbon monoxide.

* Consider alternatives to using the stove such as an electric hot plate or crock pot, which do not emit carbon monoxide.

* Do not keep any flammable items within 1 foot of the stove or crock pot.

* Do not use an extension cord with electric cooking devices.

* If a family must use a stove, leave a nearby window open 4 inches (about the size of a fist) and also open a window at the opposite end of the house for cross ventilation.

* Consider using an electric oven with a warming drawer. Electric ovens do not generate carbon monoxide.

Sources: Teaneck Fire Department and Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Northernjersey.com September 26, 2011

Fire in Viznits During Kabolas Shabbos
Fire erupted in the women’s section of the main Vishnitz Beis Medrash, Ahavas Yisrael in Bnei Brak during kabolas Shabbos this week. Mispallalim reported a “burning smell” upon entering the beis medrash, which was later learned to be from the ezras noshim. It appears the cause were Shabbos candles lit weekly by a woman who is not a member of the Vishnitz tzibur. A number of mispallalim acted swiftly and Baruch Hashem extinguished the fire before it had a chance to spread, Chadrei Chareidim reports.
Theyeshivaworld.com September 18, 2011

13 are treated for carbon monoxide exposure in Teaneck after a stove is left on over Jewish holiday
TEANECK — Thirteen people were taken to area hospitals Thursday morning with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning after a gas oven was left on for at least two days in a house on Brinkerhoff Avenue, authorities said.
The injuries were not believed to be serious and most of the victims were treated and released from Holy Name Hospital and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, said Battalion Chief Paul Browning of the Teaneck Fire Department. The occupants of the house were observing the annual Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which Browning said may have been the reason why the oven had been left on.
Firefighters first received a call from one of the occupants just before 8 a.m. after a carbon monoxide alarm sounded, Browning said. When firefighters responded, they found high levels of the gas in the house and evacuated the occupants, some of whom complained of nausea and headaches.
The 2 1/2- story house was mostly sealed with the air conditioning running, Browning said. An ambulance was dispatched to administer oxygen while firefighters ventilated the building.
“If you leave your stove on for two days, this is bound to happen,” Browning said.
He added that carbon monoxide calls are a fairly frequent occurrence in the township during Jewish holidays. The Fire Department received two reports on Wednesday of carbon monoxide detectors being set off by stoves that had been left on, and authorities receive similar calls almost every Friday night when Jewish families are observing the Sabbath, Browning said. Work that exercises control over a person’s environment, including starting or putting out a fire, is prohibited on the Sabbath and many holidays under Jewish law.
“We are afraid one day there will be someone who doesn’t have a carbon monoxide alarm in their house and we will have a very bad outcome,’’ Browning said.
Northjersey.com June 9, 2011

Deadly Brooklyn blaze may be linked to hot plate; neighborhood in shock over 8-year-old boy's death
Deadly Brooklyn blaze may be linked to hot plate; neighborhood in shock over 8-year-old boy's death. The blaze that killed an 8-year-old boy may be tied to a hot plate left plugged in at the Brooklyn apartment, law enforcement sources said Thursday.

Fire marshals were exploring whether a hot plate - left plugged in to warm food during the holiday - sparked the three-alarm blaze, sources said. FDNY officials said the cause was still under investigation late yesterday.
NY Daily News 10/1/2010


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