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Fire caused by menorah candles does $160,000 damage
The last night of Hanukkah turned tragic for an Amherst family Friday night when their menorah candles set off a fire that spread through much of their home, causing $160,000 in damage and killing a family cat, officials said today. The residents of 143 Delta Road in the Eggertsville section of town were not injured by the fire, but one of their two cats died in the blaze. Firefighters said they were called to the Delta Road home at about 10:35 p.m. A dresser in a bedroom had caught fire from a menorah candle, police said. Residents attempted to extinguish the blaze, but were unable to. When firefighters arrived about three minutes after being called the fire had spread from the bedroom to the attic, and into another bedroom and bathroom, according to Amherst fire officials. The remainder of the one-story brick ranch sustained smoke and water damage. The house sustained about $100,000 in damage, while damage to the contents was estimated at $60,000. Friday was the eighth and final night of of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that calls for lighting a menorah candle for each night of the holiday commemorating religious freedom. Responding to the fire were the Eggertsville Hose Co. as well as the Snyder Fire Dept. and North Bailey Fire Co. Amherst police were also at the scene. Fire officials said there were smoke detectors in the home, but that they were not working.
The Buffalo News, December 19, 2009

Fire In Flatbush Home; Menorah Suspected Cause
A Chanukah miracle was witnessed in Marine Park (Flatbush) on Wednesday evening, when a family escaped from a blaze in their home. Sources tell YWN that the fire started out on the second floor of a two-family private home on Avenue P and Kimball Street. Frantic calls were called in to Hatzolah & FDNY that the home was ablaze, and that people were trapped. Dozens of Hatzolah members in the area arrived simultaneously with the fast-responding FDNY, and quickly searched the entire home. Boruch Hashem, all occupants were able to escape the blaze unscathed. The FDNY brought the fire under control in 30 minutes. The cause of the fire has not been confirmed, but highly credible sources tell YWN that it was started by a Menorah.
theyeshivaworld.com, December 17, 2009

Tot fighting for her life, in 'very critical' condition', after Brooklyn menorah fire horror
A 3-year-old Brooklyn girl was fighting for her life Wednesday night after being pulled from a fire in her home sparked when a lighted menorah toppled over, officials and a witness said. Hatzolah ambulance workers rushed the toddler to Maimonides Medical Center. She was suffering from third-degree burns and had gone into cardiac arrest, sources said. Her baby-sitter was taken to Staten Island University Hospital. Two others were also injured in the 9:30 p.m. house fire on 47th St. in Borough Park. Their conditions were unknown Wednesday night. "The baby has a lot of burns and is very critical," said a law enforcement source who saw the unconscious child strapped to an ambulance stretcher. Doctors "incubated" the girl and planned on taking her to the Staten Island University Hospital's burn unit, sources said. "The smoke was so thick," said Benjamin Ovitsh, 39. "I heard the kid screaming." Ovitsh was driving with his nephew, Eli, when he said he saw plumes of black smoke rising over 47th St. He pulled over his car and dialed 911. "I was screaming to get the kid out," he said. "I was yelling, 'There's a kid crying in the room!'" Ovitsh said he tried to run into the building but was blinded by soot and turned back. He said he spotted a lighted menorah lying on the floor inside the home. "The kid's pajamas were burned through," he said. "But the kid was breathing." An FDNY spokesman said the cause of the fire was under investigation. Neighbors said the tot is one of five kids and has a twin sister. Her distraught parents,______________, weren't home at the time. ""Just the baby-sitter," said a 13-year-old boy who lives down the street. The boy said he was busy celebrating the sixth night of Chanukah, where candles or oil burn all night long in homes across the city, when he heard the baby-sitter outside in the street crying for help. "She was lost," he said. "She was yelling. She didn't make any sense. A neighbor ran outside and then all these fire trucks came."
NY Daily News, December 17, 2009

Shabbos Candle Fire
A longtime tenant of a Lower East Side building was critically injured in a fire that erupted in her seventh-floor apartment last night, authorities said. A neighbor of the 81-year-old Jewish woman said she lit religious candles on Friday nights -- and often kept her window slightly open. Last night it was particularly windy, she noted. Her name was not immediately released. She was taken to Beth Israel Hospital in critical condition. "I normally walk with her to see her husband in the nursing home every day," said a friend on the 12th floor of the building at 500 Grand St. "She's such a nice lady."
New York Post, Nov 28 2009

8 Sukkas Burn in Jerusalem Fire
Residents call it a miracle, nothing less, explaining fire broke out in a sukka on Fishel Street in Yerushalayim on Friday night, spreading rapidly, engulfing eight sukkot. The occupants of the sukkot fled, and as a result, only three people sustained light injuries Baruch Hashem. According to a Chareidim report, the sukkot were totally destroyed in the blaze. Residents report the response of the fire department was very quick, and as a result, the fires did not spread to adjacent homes, but there are reports of limited damage to marpesot (balconies) and appliances on those marpesot, such as washing machines. The cause of the blaze was shabbos candles. Many rabbonim stress that one should refrain from lighting candles in ones sukka unless one is absolutely certain the situation is safe, and there is no danger posed as a result of the placement of the shabbos candles in the sukka.
theyeshivaworld.com, Oct 4 2009

Harrisburg Synagogue Fire
The blaze broke out around 10:10 pm at 5th and Division Streets at the Chisuk Emuna Congregation. Fire crews on the scene arrived to flames shooting out of the door and the roof. Other firefighters quickly arrived, sending the fire to a second alarm. It ultimately went to three alarms, something Mayor Stephen Reed told CBS 21 has not happened in the city for several years. Members of the synagogue, along with others in the Jewish community watched as fire crews worked to put out the fire. They were able to save five scrolls of the Torah from damage, but many other religious artifacts in the temple were destroyed. Mayor Reed said approximately 20 ceremonial candles that were left burning following a Friday night dinner are the likely cause.
www.whptv.com, April 4, 2009

Youth Loses Five Fingers After Playing With Purim Firecracker
A 14-year-old boy was moderately-to-seriously injured on Wednesday after a Purim firecracker he was holding exploded, tearing five fingers off his hand and launching shrapnel into his face. An MDA team evacuated the youth to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. The youth told the medical crew that the firecracker went off during an attempt to increase its force. Following the incident, MDA Director-General Eli Bin called upon parents to prevent their children from purchasing dangerous explosives that could cause severe handicaps such as that day's incident, "or even worse."
www.jpost.com, March 4, 2009

Woman Killed From Shabbos Candles
Report of the tragic death of a handicapped Jerusalem woman after the Shabbos candles tipped over, and set her home ablaze. According to reports, the woman in her 50s, was trapped in the smoke and flames, after the candles fell and caught her apartment on fire.
theyeshivaworld.com, December 12, 2008

Blech Fire
Baltimore FD reports that a kitchen fire early Saturday morning was caused by a sheet metal covering placed on stove top (Blech). Adjacent cabinetry caught fire.
Baltimore FD Report, November 16, 2008

Sukkah Fire
The Kiryas Joel FD is on the scene at 9 Ruzhin Road - and are reporting heavy fire throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors of a three story private home. The fire reportedly started in the Sukkah. The fire departments in numerous neighboring towns have been requested to respond for mutual aid assistance.
theyeshivaworld.com, October 18, 2008


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