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Safety Alerts
Purim Roll Cap Burns
Over the past two years, we have been made aware of serious Purim injuries caused by roll caps igniting in pant pockets. In both situations, rolls of caps were placed into pant pockets, when the child placed their hand into their pocket the caps rubbed together, ignited and caused significant burns to the hand and leg. DO NOT allow your child to store rolls of caps in their pocket. A safer alternative would be a belt holster.
Added: 3/12/2009
Ovens- Shabbos/Yom Tov and Carbon Monoxide
There have been two recent reports, one from Teaneck NJ and one from Baltimore MD where oven vents were obstructed with aluminum foil allowing carbon monoxide to accumulate in the house. Fortunately, in both cases there were no injuries. Please use extreme caution when covering stoves/ovens with foil. Vents must not be obstructed. Also, all homes should have a working carbon monoxide detector.
Added: 5/7/2008
Glass Oil Holders
Some glass oil holders break under extreme heat resulting in wicks falling on flammable surfaces and houses catching fire. Light with caution- Do not leave unattended.
Added: 11/29/2007
Many children make wooden menorah projects in school. WOOD BURNS. NEVER light a wooden menorah. Please warn your childs teacher that this project can be hazardous and cause house fires.
Added: 11/29/2007
Electric Timers
Electric timers should only be used for appliances that they are rated and intended for. Overloaded timers and misused timers can cause fires. A baby died in such a fire (see In The News)
Added: 10/7/2007
My daughter was spending a year in Israel and volunteering on a Kibbutz (Pre –Passover) Kashering dishes. The young adults -18 years old were not wearing any protective garments and the vessel did not have a safety catch. My daughter received 2nd and 3rd degree burns and spent 5 weeks in an Israel hospital .THANK G-D, after several surgeries, lots of rehab and prayers she just completed a half marathon. It could have been avoided with a little safety. During my time visiting in the hospital, I heard of many children that were not so blessed

Southfield, MI
Added: 9/10/2007
Hot Water Pump Pots
I recently became aware of the extreme safety hazard that hot water pump pots create. A few weeks ago a young child sustained second degree burns after a cup of tea spilled on her lap. The hot water was taken from a pump pot and placed into styrofoam cup and then poured into another two cups. Liquid tea essence was then added and the cup was placed in the center of the dining room table where it remained for approximately 5 minutes. The tea then spilled across the table and onto the childs lap. Instantly, large blisters formed on a large portion of both legs. This was after the water was poured from cup to cup, tea essence was added and cooling took place for 5 minutes. Please use caution when using hot water pump pots.

Email info@jewishfireprevention.org to share your safety concerns
Added: 6/10/2007



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